EDILMAP, a reference for construction and renovation

Construction is one of key businesses, thanks to the formidable savoir-faire. This general building contractor has successfully worked on a series of prestigious, finished construction projects.
In the west Liguria countryside the company has developed tailor-made projects, variety of styles, but always reflecting the heritage tradition’s elegance landscape.
Knowing how to reinvent a building while considering its environment, the site’s history, and the clients’ desires is an art in which EDILMAP has proved itself an expert. Whether magnifying style, integrating buildings into the Riviera landscape, reinventing luxury villas or wild buildings, the company’s experts are always in search of perfection – better to respond to every need and desire.


Site in S. Bartolomeo al mare

Renovation of an ancient brownstone in the countryside of S. Bartolomeo al mare (Imperia)

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Site in Diano S. Pietro

Renovation of an ancient oil-mill in the countryside of Diano S. Pietro (Imperia)

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